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Machine Vision Camera

We are engaged in providing machine vision camera which is manufactured with great precision. Our experts are involved in making of smart cameras, taking care of fine detailing. Smart vision camera has wide range of usage and can be availed at market leading rates. We offer wide range of machine vision camera like smart camera, smart vision camera, usb microscopy camera, fire wire camera, gige vision camera, point gray camera etc with following details :

USB Microscopy Camera

USB Microscopy Camera

Microscope digital camera is specially designed imaging device for Optical microscope. It enables the sample under the optical lenses to display truly on computer display devices. With the equipped observation software and scientific analysis software, it brings great convenience to the usage of microscope.
  • High-end microscope Digital Camera
  • High clarity
  • High Signal-to-Noise Ratio
  • True Color Reproduction
  • Image Clear
  • High Sensitivity
  • Easy and Flexible to handle

Item Specification
Camera type Color CMOS camera MV-M30
Image sensor 1/2inch color CMOS, 3.0 megapixels
Pixel size 3.2µm×3.2µm
S/N Ratio 43dB
Sensitivity 1.0V/lux-sec 550nm
A/D switch 12 bits
Image-previewing rate 2048×1536 (3.0 megapixels):11 fps; 1024×768 (0.8 megapixels):15fps; 640×480 (0.3 megapixels):30fps
Operation System Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7
Camera interface Standard C/CS mount
PC interface USB2.0
Power USB2.0 supplies

Description: Microscope digital camera is specially designed imaging device for Optical microscope (Binocular or Trinocular Biological, Stereomicroscope and Metallurgical microscope, etc). It enables the sample under the optical lenses to display truly on computer display devices. With the equipped observation software and scientific analysis software, it brings great convenience to the usage of microscope.

Microscope digital camera MV-M30 is characterized by high rate, high clarity, high signal-to-noise ratio, true color reproduction, easy installation, multi-purpose, compete function, simplifying—makes it possible for the common optical microscope to upgrade to be digital microscope, for the image under the microscope to timely display on computer by USB, and for the majority of professional use.

The leading real-time processing and dynamic measurement S-Viewer is provided with leading function of processing videos just in time. It can adjust the quality of videos real-timely, and it adopts efficient optimization algorithm, moreover, it hardly affects the collection and display frame rate of camera. With the function of dynamic measurement, it shakes off the inefficient measurement mode of “Display ? Capture Image ? Static Measurement”.

Product Applications:
  • Medical fields
  • Scientific Research
  • Material Analysis
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Metallurgy and Mining

Products Application


Fire Wire Camera

Fire Wire Camera

Fire Wire Cameras are used to capture images in a variety of imaging applications. We are offering Fire Wire Camera to our client having following features.

We offer :
  • FireWire color camera
  • FireWire CCD camera
  • 1/4" CCD, progressive scan
  • 640 x 480 pixel
  • Up to 60 images/s
  • Trigger input and I/O
  • IEEE 1394
  • Protocol: DCAM 1.31
General behavior:
Video formats @ Frame rate rate640 x 480 UYVY @ 30, 15, 7.5, 3.75 fps
Sensitivity 0. .5 lx at 1/30s, gain 20 dB
Dynamic range ADC: 10 bit, output: 8 bit
SNRADC: 9 bit at 25 °C, gain 0 dB

Interface (optical):
Sensor specification ICX098BQ [671.36 KB, PDF]
Type progressive scan
Format 1/4 "
Resolution H: 1024, V: 768Pixel
Size H:5.6 µm, V: 5.6 µm
Lens C/CS mount

Interface (electrical):
Supply voltage 8 to 30 VDC
Current consumption Approx 200 mA at 12 VDC

Interface (mechanical):
Dimensions H: 50.6 mm, W: 50.6 mm, L: 50 mm
Mass 265 g

Adjustments (man):
Shutter 1/10000 to 30 s
Gain 0 to 36 dB
Offset 0 to 511
Saturation 0 to 200 %
White balance -2 dB to +6 dB

Adjustments (auto):
Shutter 1/10000 to 30 s
Gain 0 to 36 dB
Offset 0 to 511
Saturation 0 to 200 %
White balance -2 dB to +6 dB

Max. temperature (operation) -5 °C to 45 °C
Max. temperature (storage) -20 °C to 60 °C
Max. humidity (operation) 80 % non-condensing
Max. humidity (storage) 95 % non-condensing
White balance -2 dB to +6 dB


Gige Camera


Gige Camera
ECO-Line CCD-Cameras
SVCam-ECO cameras support the industrial image transfer protocol of Gigabit Ethernet. Gigabit Ethernet delivers to your application absolutely new dimensions: These gige camera has following features:
  • Extreme small design
  • High frame rates
  • Industrial standard
  • Cable length up to 100m
  • Budgetary cost level

SVCam-ECO cameras are available in 4 resolutions from 640 x 480 up to 1600 x 1200 pixel. These gige cameras are designed to reach high frame rates at low signal-to-noise ratios and are enclosed in an utmost small housing.

The modular concept of SVCam-cameras provides our customers with a fast and low cost way to design customized versions for application specific requirements. Unique processing of the vision CCD camera guarantees an excellent signal-to-noise ratio. The internal logic allows different ways to adjust exposure time and select trigger modes including:

  • Synchronization of image capture to an external event (trigger mode)
  • Free running with adjustable frame rate
  • Exposure time control via Ethernet interface or over trigger pulse width
  • Extend the exposure time under low light level conditions

  • Progressive scan technology
    4 resolution options:
    - eco424 640 x 480 pixel
    - eco204 1024 x 768 pixel
    - eco267 1360 x 1024 pixel
    - eco274 1600 x 1200 pixel
    - free running (frame rate adjustable)
    - external trigger with internal exposure control
    - external trigger with pulse width exposure control
    - software trigger via PC
    Monochrome and color sensors (Bayer Pattern) with LUT (4 x)
    64 MB memory inside
    8/12 Bit video data stream (14 Bit ADC used)
    1000 MBit Ethernet (Gigabit Ethernet) 100 T compatible
    Selectable AOI
    Adjustable gain/auto gain
    Strobe output (e.g. for light flash)
    General purpose I/Os
    Time stamp capability
    Low offset
    2 x 2 binning mode
    Partial scan mode for higher frame rates
    Standard C-Mount
    10V - 30V DC; e.g. 300mA @ 12V consumption
    Operating temperature range: -10°C to +40°C
    • Temperature sensor to avoide overheating
    Weight approx. 160g
    Status LEDs
    Full 2 years warranty


Point Gray Camera

Point Gray Camera

With resolutions ranging from 0.3MP (VGA) to 5.0MP and 12 different models to choose from, the compact, versatile Flea®2 camera system is a complete, cost effective and reliable IEEE-1 394b solution for demanding imaging applications such as semiconductor inspection and high-speed assembly.

  • Flea®2
  • Ultra-Compact + Versatile + 1394b
  • Smallest 1 394b camera in the world
  • High speed 1394b 800 Mb/s digital interface
  • Metal case with locking screw connection
  • Ideal for industrial machine vision

Specification FL2- 03S2M/C FL2- 08S2M/C FL2- 14S3M/C FL2-20S4M/C FL2G-13S2M/C FL2G-50S5M/C
Image Sensor Type Sony progressive scan interline transfer CCD's with square pixels and global shutter, monochrome or color
Image Sensor Model Sony ICX424 1/3" SonyICX204 1/3" Sony ICX267 1/2" Sony ICX274 1/1.8" ICX445 1/3" EXview HAD CCD™ ICX655 2/3" SuperHAD CCD™
Maximum Resolution 648x488 1032x776 1392x1032 1624x1224 1296x964 2448x2048
Pixel Size 7.4 x 7.4µm 4.65 x4.65µm 4.65 x4.65µm 4.4 x 4.4µm 3.75 x 3.75µm 3.45 x 3.45µm
Analog-to-Digital Converter Analog Devices 12-bit ADC
Video Data Output 8, 12, 16 and 24-bit digital data
Image Data Formats Y8, Y16 (all models), RGB, YUV41 1, YUV422, YUV444, 8-bit and 16-bit raw Bayer data (color models)
Digital Interface Bilingual 9-pin IEEE-1394b for camera control, video data transmission, and power
Transfer Rates 100, 200,400, 800 M bit/s
Maximum Frame Rates 648x488 at 80 FPS1032x776 at 30 FPS1392x 1032 at 15 FPS1624x 1224 at 15 FPS1296x964 at 30 FPS2448x2048 at 7.5 FPS
Partial Image Modes pixel binning and region of interest modes via Format_7
White Balance automatic / manual / one-push modes, programmable via software
General Purpose I/O Ports 8-pin Hirose HR25 GPIO connector opto-isolated pins for trigger and strobe (FL2G models only), bi-directional pins for trigger, strobe or serial port
Gain automatic / manual / one-push gain modes, programmable via software, 0dB to 24dB in 0.04dB increments
Shutter automatic / manual / one-push modes, programmable via software, 0.02ms to greater than 10s (extended shutter mode)
Gamma/LUT 0.50 to 4.00 / programmable lookup table
Synchronization via external trigger, software trigger, or free-running
External Trigger Modes DCAMv1.31 Trigger Modes 0, 1, 3, 4 and 5 (multiple exposure, 03S2 and 08S2 models only), 14 (overlapped trigger), and 15 (multi-shot trigger)
Memory Storage (FL2G models only) 32MB frame buffer, 5 12KB non-volatile data flash
Memory Channels 3 memory channels for custom camera settings
Power Requirements power via Vext GPIO pin or 9-pin 1394b interface: 8 to 32 V, less than 2.5 W
Dimensions (L x W x H) 29mm x 29mm x 30mm (excluding lens holder, without optics)
Mass 58g (without optics)
Camera Specification IIDC 1394-based Digital Camera Specification v 1.3 1, compatible with IEEE-1 394b and IEEE-1 394a interfaces
Lens Mount C-mount
Emissions Compliance Complies with CE rules and Part 15 Class A of FCC Rules
Operating Temperature 0° to 45 °C
Storage Temperature -30° to 60°C
Warranty 2 years


LED Illumination

LED Illumination

We are the manufacturer and exporter of LED Illumination. These products are made by professionals utilizing the optimum grade component, which is bought from genuine sellers of the market.

Ring Lights (Direct Lighting)
High-density LED ring lights create an extremely bright concentration of light at the center of the illumination area. LED illumination is applicable for a wide variety of uses.

Low-angle Ring Lights (Direct Lighting)
Low-angle LED illumination is ideally suited for edge detection and for emphasizing printing, damage, etc., on metal surfaces

Bar-Lights (Direct Lighting)
High-intensity LED arrays in a rectangular oblique illumination units. The angle of the LED arrays can be adjusted independently for use in a wide range of different situations.

Ring Lights (Indirect Lighting)
Evenly diffuse top lighting. Overhead diffuse light eliminates LED glare and shadows for even illumination.

Low-angle Ring/Square Lights (Indirect Lighting)
Even, diffused side lighting. Low-angle, diffuse illumination enables characters and defects to be uniformly illuminated with no LED glare.

Dome Lights (Indirect Lighting)
Even illumination transmits light at all angles allowing an object to be evenly illuminated

Flat-Dome Lights (Indirect Lighting)
A unique pattern of dots on the light surface controls light diffusion and transmission, to achieve a highly uniform, shadow-less diffused light pattern for typical dome light applications, but in a much smaller package and lower cost.

Back Lights (Indirect Lighting)
Power saving back light system with a very thin design and a very uniform surface light emission profile

Coaxial Lights (Indirect Lighting)
Bright, even illumination across the entire field of view makes on-axis illumination systems ideally suited for inspecting mirror-finish objects for scratches etc.


Opto-Electronic System

Opto Electronic System

Acrifab Private Limited is the leading supplier of optics, opto-mechanical sub-assemblies and opto-electronic system solutions for machine vision, automation, assembly, imaging, testing, measuring, and inspection. Our optical designs are involved in applications such as semiconductor metrology, electronic imaging, telecommunications, biometrics, photonics R&D, non-contact measurement, and biotechnology and life science.


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