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We are involved into making of sensors which are used for keeping track on strain, temperature, pressure and many other things. Our experts are involved in making of fiber optic sensor. We manufacture fiber temperature sensor and fiber optic temperature with great precision. We supply fiber optic sensors, fiber temperature sensor, fiber optic temperature sensors at most affordable rates.

Fiber Sensor

Fiber sensors are used to measure strain, temperature, pressure and other quantities. Fiber temperature sensors and fiber optic temperature sensors have been widely used to monitor temperature. Fiber optic sensors and fiber sensors are available in BRF Series and Fiber Sensor - D2RF Series.


Fiber Sensors

BRF Series Fiber Sensor

We offers BRF Series Fiber Sensor to our clients and these are available on reasonable prices.
(Stand-alone type)
Master cable 2 meter (3 core cable)
Slave cable 2 meter
(single core cable)
with STE-WLL190-05P Amplifier Connector
Extention connector for M8 connector type
Amplifier connector for power supply
Standard type BRF-N/P
High Speed type BRF-HN/HP
Mark type BGF-N/P
Moisture type BIF-WN/P
(Interconnection type)
Standard type B2RF-N/P
High Speed type B2RF-HN/HP
Mark type B2GF-N/P
Moisture type B21F-WN/P

Stand Alone Cable type        
Inter Connection Connector type   BRF-C(N,P)   BRF-CH(N,P)
Stand Alone Cable type   B2RF(N,P)   B2RF-H(N,P)
Inter Connection Connector type   B2RF-C(N,P)   B2RF-CH(N,P)
Sensing Distance 90% 250mm X 200mm DK-06 Diffuse Fiber   150mm   50mm
Response Time     25Ous   50us
Output     NPN or PNP Open Collecto 100mA/DC30V max. 1.8V/100mA max.   NPN or PNP Open Collector 100mA/DC30V max. 1.8V/100mA max.
Emmiter LED     Red LED   Red LED
Indicator Stable output   Green   Green
  Output   Orange   Orange
Potentiometer     10 rotation   10 rotation
Dark On/Light On selection   Dark On/Light On by SW   Dark On/Light On by SW 1
Timer     Off Delay 40msec fixed   Off Delay 40msec fixed
Supply Voltage   )C10 ~ 30V Inc. 10% ripple DC10 ~ 30V Inc. 10% ripple  
Current Consumption 25mA/30V (30mA/30V Interconnection type) 25mA/30V (30mA/30V Interconnection type)    
Ambient Illuminance Sunlight   10,000 Ixmin.   10,000 Ix min.
  Incandescent Lamp   3,000 Ix min.   3,000 Ix min.
Ambient Temperature   -25~+55'C   -25~+55iC  
Ambient Humidity     35 ~ 85%   35~85%
Storage Temp / Humidity   -40 ~ +7Ot;/35 ~ 95%   -40 ~ +70t;/35 ~ 95*
Insulation Resistance   Min. 20MQ/DC500V   Min. 20MQ/DC500V  
Noise Resistance EMC Test   CE regulation   CE regulation
  Failen Test (house test)   Level 3   Level 3
Temperature Drift     ±5% max.   ±5% max.
LED Damping ratio     -10% max./1000 h   -10%max./1000h
Vibration Reslsltance IEC68   10~55Hz, 1.5mm   10~55Hz, 1.5mm
Shock Resistance IEC68   500m/sz   500m/sz
Protection Category Stand-alone   IP66   IP66
  Interconnection   IP50   IP50
Warm-up Period     100ms max.   100ms max.
Circuit Protection   Overcurrent (output), Reverse Polarity, Short Circuit Overcurrent (output), Reverse Polarity, Short Circuit    
VED Classification     Class 3   class 3
Housing material Housing   PBT G10   PBT G10
  Cover   PC   PC
Dimensions     W10.5xD80xH35.5mm   W10.5xD80xH35.5mn
Regulation UL   cRU recognition   cRU recognition
  CE CE sign CE sign    



Fiber Sensors

Fiber Sensor - D2RF Series

The D2RF Digital Fiber Amplifier is equipped with the latest functions and features to meet even the most demanding needs of today's industry.

APC Function
(Auto Power Control)
The APC function ensures precise sensing even when there are changes in the temperature or environmental conditions.
APC sensor maintains a constant power level of light emission by regulating the current flow into the light emission element. The APC temperature sensor function can be turned on and off.

Type Standard Mark sensor Analogue
Stand-alone Type      
IP50 type
Cable type NPN / PNP
M8QD 4pin, NPN/PNP
IP66 type
Cable type NPN / PNP
M8QD 4pin, NPN/PNP
M8QD 3pin, NPN/PNP
D2RF-2TN, or D2RF-2TP D2RF-2TCN4 or D2RF-2TCP4
D2RF-2TCN3 or D2RF-2TCP3
D2GF-2TN or D2GF-2TP D2GF-2TCN4 or D2GF-2TCP4
D2GF-2TCN3 or D2GF-2TCP3



Photoelectric Sensor

Photoelectric sensors are used for detecting distance, absence, or presence of an object through light transmitter. Photoelectric sensors are mainly used in the fields of electronic controls and in wide variety of industrial applications.


Photoelectric Sensors

Fiber Sensor - C-Series

Model Through-beam Retro
Retro -reflection w/Polartizing filter Diffused reflection 11cm Diffused reflection 40cm
Cable type NPN/PNP CTD-1500N / 1500P CRD-300N
/ 300P
CRDF -100N/100P CRD-11N/11P CDD-40N/40P
M8 connector type NPN/PNP CTD-1500CN / 1500CP CRD-300CN
/ 300CP
CRDF -100CN/100CP CRD-11CN/11CP CDD-40CN/40CP
Sensing range 15m 3m 1m 11cm 40cm
Response time     1.5 m sec Max    
Operation Mode     Light On/ Dark On Switchover    
Hysteresis   NIL   10% Max  
Light source Infrared   Red   Infrared
Control output     NPN or PNP Open collector, 100mA Max / 30V DC    
Supply voltage     10 to 30 V DC including 10% of ripple    
Conformity     JIS/ C4525, CE, UL    
Power consumption 40mA Max   30mA Max 30mA    
Ambient Temp/Humid     -25 to 55 0C / 35 to 85% RH    
Sensitivity adjustment     Single lum potentiometer    
Protection category     IEC 144 IP66    
Shock resistance     50G (500 m/S2), X-Y-Z axis 3 times    
Housing Material     BSBM + Ni(Case), PC (Lens)    

Connection Diagram

When the black lead line of te emitter is connector to 0V, an interrupted state is created electrically.
Technical date, specsheet, instruction manual and this catalogue is available for download.
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